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Toni Land is AMAZING! She has the unique ability of being able to draw out the powerful performer in everyone. As a consultant and keynote speaker, she is an essential part of my "support" team.

Simon D'Arcy
President and Founder Business Success Teams
Santa Barbara, CA

From the Pres...

I just had the privilege of attending Toni Land's Power of Performance Seminar for the PSA this Saturday. It is late Sunday afternoon and I'm still buzzing. This sold out seminar was amazing for several reasons. It successfully bridged the gap between performing as an entertainer and performing in any situation in which you need to connect with others.

Everyone was excited and nervous to begin with, but Toni, with her warm and gracious manner soon had us all connected, focused on each others performance, and truly learning some life altering things about how we're perceived, what our responsibilities are as performers, and how to use tools we all have within us to present our art with integrity, and with a fluid openness that was called the "Pipe" in this workshop.

We saw some truly amazing transformations as Toni coached. The other participants put themselves in the performers place, and we moved closer to our potential. This was "workshop" at its best. 

Thanks Toni for sharing your gifts and making another PSA Seminar a huge success.

Wayne Richards
President of the Portland Songwriter Association

Reprinted from "Great Songwriter" October 1998

"Practical and Inspiring"

Richard Siedman

"Toni is the Angel of Inner Performance"

Janie Noble
Performance Artist
and Entrepenuer

"With her innovative coaching technique, Toni Land transformed 
sales professionals into a team of exciting stage performers 
within a matter of a few hours. A good time was had by all."

John Hubach 
Regional Manager of Operations, 
Subaru of America

"I heartily recommend the workshop to anyone that has any kind of hesitation about performing. Whether it be speaking, playing an instrument or singing in front of an audience, Toni gives you the tools to succeed."

Carolyn Laster
Performing Songwriter with Southern Nights

"It's more than a technology for performance, it's a technology for living"

Gary Moor

"Toni Land is The High Priestess of Performance"

Cindy Lou Banks
Country Singe

Toni Land integrates her own mastery as a performer and a teacher to help others create a more exciting presentation on and off stage.
She has found a way to teach what so often is considered only the domain of the few who were born with ‘talent’.

 Hal Milton
Author of "Going Public: A Practical
Guide to Developing Personal Charisma"

"The model of 'the pipe' and Toni's hands on adjustments  are right on target"


"Such energy and wisdom Toni has...I came away with a ton of useful tools"

Sara Anne Wilcox

"Toni Land supercharged the presentation skills of the managers launching 
our new product."

Wayne Richards 
Regional Vice President, 
U.S. Bank Corp

"Simply the Best!"

John McCloskey
Founder of the Rayven Foundation

Stagework courses are led by Toni Land, performance coach and creator of "The Power of Performance" workshops.  She is a professional performer, award winning songwriter and recording artist.  

Available for individuals and groups

Stagework Courses

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